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The IESE Business School Research Paper Series contains research papers covering all classical management areas (Economics, Strategy, Marketing, Leadership) but also materials on emerging and multidiscipline topics such as Globalization, Corporate Social Responsibility, Family Business or Sports Management. Papers include a short abstract, keywords and a bibliographic classification.

IESE Business School - University of Navarra was founded in 1958 in Barcelona, pioneering executive education on the European continent. In 1964, it offered Europe's first full-time MBA, and subsequently, the world's first bilingual program in two of the most important business languages: English and Spanish. IESE distinguishes itself in its general management approach, extensive use of the case method, international outreach, and emphasis on placing people at the heart of managerial decision making. With a truly global outlook IESE currently runs executive education programs in the USA, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Poland and Kenya.

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