Associate Your Brand with the Best and Latest in Research

If you want to be regarded as a thought leader in a specific area of academic concentration, turn to SSRN for help. Whether you’re looking to introduce a new program of inquiry, draw attention to the research you fund, or to connect with SSRN’s 2.5 million registered users in a free and open access environment, we have the editorial expertise and analytical tools to help you achieve your goals via a sponsored e-journal or sponsored network.

Does SSRN have an existing subject-specific network that aligns closely with your institution’s mission, goals, and objectives that you’d like to “own” within SSRN’s platform? Or, can we create together a brand-new network that draws upon your institution’s research as well as the deep content resources we have already at SSRN?

Assembling, branding, and disseminating research via a sponsored e-journal or a sponsored network – and helping you understand the users who are downloading and socializing your research – has never been easier.

For more details, questions or pricing for Sponsored Services, please contact Michael Magoulias, SSRN's Director of Operations, at