First Look is a place where journals and other research experts identify content of interest prior to publication. It can include a wide range of early stage content types including working papers, proceedings, preprints, accepted papers, and papers under consideration. First Look is a partnership between SSRN and some of the world’s most influential journals to provide rapid, early and open access to evolving scholarly research.

First Look is a great opportunity for journals and their authors to share groundbreaking research with the world before anyone else. Having their work seen early and often is an important factor for researchers trying to make a name for themselves in the rapidly moving world of academic research, and First look gives journals the opportunity to help authors do just that. The exposure created by First Look not only benefits researchers, but academic journals as well. Authors are already seeing the benefits of having papers on First Look and we are expecting an increase in paper submissions for participating journals. First Look is also a way for journals to meet the requests of potential authors who want to be able to share a preprint version of their papers. This nontraditional outlet for research is a unique way for journals to gain more exposure than they would through traditional means. SSRN has an established and expansive research community and First Look is a great opportunity for journals to be a part of that.

Which Journals should we partner with next? We'd like to include the Journals you most often submit to and read.


Current First Look Participants:

Acta Materialia, Inc. First Look

Acta Materialia, Inc. First Look is a preview of papers that are undergoing peer review in an Acta Materialia, Inc. journal - Acta Materialia, Acta Biomaterialia, Scripta Materialia or Materialia.

The aim behind the Acta Materialia, Inc. First Look page is to provide a venue for Acta Materialia, Inc. journals’ authors to host preprints of their work, allow authors to showcase their research results prior to review and publication, thus aiming to speed up the dissemination process, provide readers with an insight into ground breaking work before it has been published as well as allow them to post comments on the work.


Australian Journal of Asian Law First Look

Interested in your journal being associated with groundbreaking legal research? We are pleased to announce the Australian Journal of Asian Law has joined our new First Look program within the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN). AJAL ( is the leading peer-edited journal of analysis, commentary and primary material on the laws, legal systems and legal cultures of Asia. It is an initiative of the University of Melbourne Law School, with support and advice from Australian and international colleagues. The journal provides a common forum for ideas and informed debate on current legal issues from a wide range of expert legal scholars and practitioners whose work focuses on Asia. The Australian Journal of Asian Law’s First Look is a place where researchers and other experts can identify content of interest prior to publication.


Cell Press Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek, now hosted on SSRN, is an author opt-in preview of the papers under review in Cell Press primary research journals. Cell Press is a leading publisher of scientific research and reviews in life, physical, and earth sciences. With a commitment to improving scientific communication, Cell Press combines the highest-quality science with innovations in technology and publishing practices.


Journal of Web Semantics First Look

Journal of Web Semantics, First Look provides rapid, early and open access to evolving scholarly research by sharing accepted versions of the papers that will be published in the journal. This First Look is part of our new Computer Science Research Network. The Journal of Web Semantics is an interdisciplinary journal based on research and applications of various subject areas that contribute to the development of knowledge-intensive and intelligent service Web.


NeuroImage: Clinical First Look

NeuroImage: Clinical considers articles covering diseases, disorders and syndromes involving the Nervous System and provides a vehicle for communicating important advances in the study of abnormal structure-function relationships of the human nervous system based on imaging. As part of our ongoing commitment to rapid publication we are delighted to involved in SSRN’s First Look. This is an author opt-in preview of the papers currently under consideration in the journal. These papers are posted here prior to peer review and their status will be updated once this has been completed.


Preprints with The Lancet

Preprints with The Lancet is part of SSRN´s First Look, a place where journals and other research experts identify content of interest prior to publication. This new preprint series for sharing non-peer-reviewed, early stage health and medical research is part of a six-month collaboration pilot between SSRN and The Lancet family of journals. Authors of all research papers submitted to any The Lancet family journal have been asked at submission whether they would like their paper to be posted as a preprint, an opt-in that all co-authors must agree to. Papers will be subject to SSRN’s usual checks, as well as an additional The Lancet specific check. Authors can also submit their papers directly through SSRN.



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