Call for Papers
The 44th Annual Meeting of the The National Conference of Black Political Scientists (NCOBPS) - Black Power Reconceptualized: Black Activists, Black Intellectuals, and the Politics of Disparity


March 13-16, 2013, Chicago, IL

Black Power challenges people of African Descent to ascertain political and economic strength. This notion has shifted Black empowerment from an era of protest politics rooted in Black Nationalist strategies of political equality and social justice to the institutionalized approach of political incorporation (i.e., electing Black officials to positions of power). However, the socioeconomic status of African Americans has not changed even if it has improved over time. The continual decline of progressive and egalitarian institutions presents a challenge which must be met with robust and unwavering opposition. Poverty and unemployment continue to disproportionately affect people of color; the Prison Industrial Complex continues to wreck havoc on the lives of Black and Brown Males and Females - young, black females in particular are among the fastest growing prison population although their crime numbers have not risen; the Achievement Gap widens; and health disparities continue to require a purposive course of action. Across the globe, the struggle for self-determination and equality continue; the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya have incited newfound appreciation for protest politics; the U.S.-Columbia Free Trade Agreement was passed in 2012 despite human rights violations against Afro-Columbians; and China's economic expansion in Africa continues to fly in the face of Western influence on the continent; How do Black Activists and Black Intellectuals engage the politics of disparity? Must we reconceptualize Black Power? What is the state of Black Politics? Black progressive movements have long offered an alternative to American political discourse. Thus, the African American community must continue to agitate, mobilize, and demand accountability from the status quo.

PROGRAM CO-CHAIRS: Dr. Menna Demessie, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Dr. Boris Ricks, California State University Northridge


Posted 9/13/12