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Papers posted under Philosophy of Action will fall under one or more of the following subtopics: Action Theory; Decision Theory; Freedom of the Will; Practical Reasoning. See the descriptions under each subcategory for information about what is included in each.

Action Theory: Papers posted under Action Theory will concern theories about the processes leading up to action. Questions addressed will include: how to distinguish actions from mere behavior; the role of psychological causes in actions; the possibility of non-bodily actions. Papers that discuss mental causation may also be posted under Metaphysics of Mind and/or Causation.

Decision Theory: Papers posted under Decision Theory will concern how goal-oriented agents direct, or should direct, their behavior. Questions addressed will include: how best to understand the notion of utility; the effects of uncertainty on choice; how to resolve the paradox of choice; alternatives to probability weighting. Some papers posted here may also be posted under Formal Epistemology.

Freedom of the Will: Papers posted under Freedom of the Will will concern whether humans have freedom to choose how they will act, and what such freedom amounts to. Questions addressed will include: whether freedom is compatible with determinism; whether freedom applies, most directly, to agents or to actions.

Practical Reasoning: Papers posted under Practical Reasoning will concern how reason is, or should be, used in decisions about action. Questions addressed will include: whether practical reasoning is a genuine form of reasoning; whether reasons are intrinsically motivating; whether practical reasoning can provide normative standards for adopting ends as well as means. Some papers posted here may also be posted under Moral Psychology.

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