Compositions for Chamber Orchestra eJournal
Editor: Richard Cornell
Boston University

Composers are invited to share compositions written for chamber orchestra. Chamber orchestra, for the purpose of this eJournal, is defined as a maximum of single woodwinds (no more than 4 players), single brass including tuba (no more than four players), harp, timpani, percussion, keyboard, and strings. Instrumental or vocal soloists, as well as electronic sound may also be included. This eJournal provides an opportunity for composers to post to a single site where other compositions for similar configuration are also available. Compositions should be submitted in PDF. If a recording of the composition is available, please provide a URL on the first page of the PDF that links to the location. The copyright of the composition rests with the composer, and SSRN will not monitor usage or performance of the work. Prospective performers are encouraged to contact the composer directly.

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Editor: Richard Cornell
Boston University

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