Review of Marketing Science (ROMs)
Editor: Ram Rao
University of Texas at Dallas

The Review of Marketing Science is a Peer-reviewed, Electronic Journal devoted to Marketing Science. It is published by the School of Management at The University of Texas at Dallas.

The goal of ROMS is to disseminate the newest research findings in marketing to the widest audience possible in a timely manner. To accomplish this ROMS will operate exclusively as an electronic journal. Both reader access and manuscript processing are Web enabled. Keeping in mind the authors' need to compile a record of research accomplishment in print journals, ROMS seeks to publish only long informative abstracts of papers along with a link to a working paper as part of the ROMS Working Paper Series. Authors will therefore retain copyright to, and be able to publish in any other journal, the paper in its full form. A review process that focuses on the essential question of the paper's contribution and novelty of findings will ensure that readers are exposed to only papers that report new findings. Even as print journals extend their reach through the lower cost Internet there will continue to be a need for a wider range of research publications to reach the audience. It is likely that the time lag between completion of research and availability of the same in print journals will also continue. Thus ROMS fills a gap that currently exists in the dissemination of research in Marketing.

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Editor: Ram Rao
University of Texas at Dallas

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