Quantitative Marketing eJournal
Editor: Anne T. Coughlan
Northwestern University

This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts in various areas of quantitative marketing, including analytic studies of marketing phenomena and problems, decision support systems, and/or investigations of methodological issues. In general this eJournal will include papers that would be appropriate for the Marketing Science or the methodological/analytical research in Journal of Marketing Research. Their focal issue would be normative or methodological. The primary contribution of the research would be either the presentation of a new method, an analytical model of a marketing phenomena, or a tool to assist managerial decision making. Relevant topics are listed below:

Models Related Marketing Mix Decisions

Buyer Behavior
Measurement and Data Analysis
Decision Support Systems
Marketing Strategy
Other topics which do not fit in the above.

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Editor: Anne T. Coughlan
Northwestern University

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