Managerial Marketing eJournal
Editor: Barton Weitz
University of Florida

This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts in various areas of marketing management research, including conceptual and empirical studies providing insights and implications for the management of marketing activities. In general this eJournal will include papers that would be appropriate for the Journal of Marketing and substantive research in the Journal of Marketing Research. The typical papers would be either conceptual frameworks for examining marketing issues or empirical research testing hypotheses. The primary contribution of the research would be providing conceptual or empirical results to improve the understanding of issues confronting marketing managers or public policy makers. Relevant topics are listed below.

- Branding and Brand Management
- Customer Relationship Management

Customer service
- New Product Development
- Product Line Management
- Sales Promotion
- Selling and Sales Management

Organizational Buying
- Advertising
- Pricing
- Marketing Strategy and Planning
- Internet Marketing and E-Commerce
- International Marketing
- Channel Management and Retailing
- Services Marketing

Nonprofit Marketing
- Business-to-Business Marketing

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Editor: Barton Weitz
University of Florida

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