Universita Bocconi, Milan, PhD School - PhD in International Law and Economics

OVERVIEW: The PhD in International Law and Economics is the only one of its kind in Italy. Although it primarily deals with legal issues, it also aims to confront the economic and geopolitical problems that are at the root of legal disciplines, making the program particularly interdisciplinary in nature. The basic subjects offered are therefore International Economics, International Trade Law and Comparative Public Economic Law as well as the principles and functioning of the main economic organizations (OMC/WTO, IMF, World Bank, OECD, regional organizations). Compulsory courses include International Economics, International Trade Policies, EU Law, International Business Law, International Investment Law, Intellectual Property Law, Principles of International Economic Law, Law and Economics, WTO Law, International Monetary and Financial Law, Economics of European Integration, Economics of International Development, Competition Law and Policy, International Taxation Law, Comparative Public Law and Economics, Market and Environmental Regulation.

Doctorate students are prepared for a career in universities, international organizations, public administrations, multinational corporate consulting and research centres, as confirmed by the present positions of PhD graduates (51% in Academia, 15% in professional activities and 15% in International Organizations).

DESCRIPTION: The PhD in International Law and Economics lasts 3 years, is entirely in English and is organized in courses and specialized seminars, in working groups and seminar series at Bocconi. Participation to relevant conferences, courses and seminars at other qualified institutions is encouraged.

In particular, during the first year, students have to take courses and seminars for a total of about 350 hours. During the second year doctoral students are invited to carry out work in universities, international institutions and research centres outside Italy. The third year is dedicated to their thesis.

FACULTY: The Faculty includes professors from Bocconi, to name a few, Prof. Claudio Dordi, who is the Director of the PhD program;Prof. Giorgio Sacerdoti (Member of the Appellate Body of the WTO from 2001 to 2009); Prof. Carlo Altomonte; Prof. Fabrizio Onida; Prof. Angelo Cardani; Giuseppe Franco Ferrari; Prof. Fabrizio Fracchia; Prof. Carlo Garbarino; Prof. Eliana La Ferrara; Dr. Anna De Luca; Prof. Paola Mariani; Prof. Alberto Monti; Prof. Laura Resmini; Prof. Carlo Secchi. Among the Faculty from other Universities, Prof. Giovanna Adinolfi (Milan State University; Prof. Manlio Frigo (Milan State University); Prof. Alberto Malatesta (LIUC- Castellanza University); Prof. Mara Valenti (Milan State University), Prof. Mario Molignoni (Milan State University). Visiting professors include academics, officials from international organizations, NGO's, Ministries, the business world.

Current and Recent Visiting Professors: Reuven Avi-Yonah (University of Michigan), Eric Biber (University of California), Tomer Broude (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Daniel Farber (University of California at Berkeley), Philipp Graf Wrangel (Graf Wrangel Rechtsanwalte), Daniel Gutman (University of Paris), Ioannis Kokkoris (City University Law School), Rick Krever (Monash University, Australia), Jurgen Kurtz (University of Melbourne), Peter Jonathan Leyland (London Metropolitan University), Gabrielle Marceau (WTO), Judge Moavero Milanesi(EU Tribunal of First Instance), Bernard O'Connor (World Trade Institute, Berne; lawyer and consultant in Brussels), Luca Rubini (Birmingham University), Karl Sauvant (Vale Center, Columbia University), Friedl Weiss (Vienna University), Alec Stone Sweet (Yale Law School), Steve Ratner (Institute Universitaire de Haute Etuded Internationales), Larry Di Matteo (University of Florida), Robert Kaczorowski (Fordham University School of Law).

QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants should hold or be on their way to hold a graduate degree or equivalent in Law, Economics or another Social Science. A B2 (CEFR) competence level of English or above is required to be admitted to the PhD program.

See http://www.unibocconi.eu/admissionphd ("documentation" web area) for the list of accepted qualifying certifications. The PhD School offers eight places (four with fellowship).

Tuition fees for students without fellowship amount to Euro 4,000 for each course year. Students with fellowship do not pay tuition fees.

FURTHER INFORMATION: For more detailed information please visit the website: http://www.unibocconi.eu/phdinternationallaw

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: To apply for our PhD program you have to use our Online Application System. Applications are due by: February 1st, 2013.

For your application you will need the following documentation:
1. Completed on-line application form
2. Full CV
3. Documents regarding Undergraduate and Graduate degrees with full list of exams with grades
4. For candidates who have not yet finished their Graduate program, a document of enrolment with full list of course exams, exams taken and grades achieved
5. A B2 (CEFR) competence level of English or above
6. Two or one reference letters prepared by people who have direct knowledge of you either as a student or as a colleague
7. Maximum 5 other supporting documents you feel important to be evaluated (e.g. publications, additional language certificates, etc.)
8. Statement of purpose
9. Abstract of your graduate thesis, if graduate course of studies attended required writing a dissertation.

Please consult our website for complete details about our application procedure: http://www.unibocconi.eu/admissionphd

For more information, please feel free to contact our Program Assistant at: infophd@unibocconi.it

Posted 10/22/12