George Mason University School of Law
Robert A. Levy Fellowship in Law & Liberty

George Mason University School of Law invites applications for the Robert A. Levy Fellowship in Law & Liberty. The Levy Fellowship includes an annual stipend of up to roughly $27,000 per year plus a tuition waiver and is available to PhD or ABD economists and other social scientists who wish to pursue a JD at George Mason.

DESCRIPTION/QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants will be evaluated for their promise as Law and Economics scholars capable of making a significant contribution to understanding the institutions of a free society. We are pleased in recent years to have placed fellows in highly ranked institutions. Two or more fellowships will be awarded for the 2013/14 academic year.

Applicants should arrange to take the LSAT no later than February 2013. George Mason University is an equal opportunity-affirmative action institution.

A special opportunity now exists for those interested in experimental economics. Levy Fellows will have the opportunity to run experiments and collaborate with faculty at the path-breaking Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Please provide all items requested in standard law school application process, including LSAT/LSDAS, PLUS cover letter with three references, curriculum vitae, graduate transcripts, and a copy of current research. The co-director of the Levy Fellowship program, Professor Joshua Wright, may be contacted at:

FURTHER INFORMATION: Further information on the Levy Fellowship program is available at:

Posted 9/3/12