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Editor: Alberto Alemanno
HEC Paris (Groupe HEC) - Business Law and Taxation

This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts with an aim to promote and bring together the rapidly emerging scholarship focusing on the regulation of food. At a time in which this area of law is progressively acquiring some autonomy vis-a-vis other areas of law, such as Administrative Law, and - given its international vocation - International Trade and International Health law, this eJournal nurtures the ambition to provide a one-stop shop for virtually all food-related papers published today at the global level. While the focus of this eJournal is predominantly the regulation of food products, their production methods and their marketing opportunities, it also extends to: agriculture and food law, human rights and food law (including the right to food and labor issues), antitrust and food law, international trade of food, food quality as well as food information (e.g. labeling schemes). Issues related to intellectual property aspects of food (e.g. geographical indications) are also pertinent to this Journal. Given the recent attention by food law regimes to the nutritional aspects of food, this eJournal also covers the regulation of nutritional and health claims, food reformulation and other nutritional-related measures such as fiscal measures. It equally covers the regulation of feed and beverages. As witnessed by its advisory board, the scope of this eJournal is genuinely global and as such it reflects the increasingly globalized food supply chain and the broader discourse of food studies. Due to the inherently interdisciplinary and international nature of food regulation, this eJournal will also host papers coming not only from other disciplines than law but also from all over the world.

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Editor: Alberto Alemanno
HEC Paris (Groupe HEC) - Business Law and Taxation

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