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Editor: Martijn W. Hesselink
University of Amsterdam Faculty of Law

This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts on private law in Europe and on the process of Europeanization of private law. Contributions may deal with any subject of private law, including notably contract, property, tort, family and company law, and may relate to such diverse topics and methods as European Community private law, comparative private law, private international law, European legal history, economic analysis, European legal culture, the horizontal effect of fundamental rights and freedoms, European legal method, regulatory private law, the private/public law divide, the common law/civil law divide, the role of mixed legal systems, private law theory, the Common Frame of Reference and other soft law devices, positive and negative harmonization, minimum and maxim harmonization, and the European Civil Code debate.

Sponsored by Centre for the Study of European Contract Law at the University of Amsterdam. The Centre aims to promote high-quality research in the area of European contract law. Its research programme focuses on the interplay between the European, national and international laws of contract understood in a wide and functional sense, i.e. the laws of economic transactions.

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Editor: Martijn W. Hesselink
University of Amsterdam Faculty of Law

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