Discrimination, Law & Justice eJournal
Editor: Francisco (Frank) Valdes
University of Miami School of Law

This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts dealing with issues of discrimination, equality, minority rights and subordination, from both critical and noncritical perspectives. We seek projects that examine how law and policy interplay with specific social groups or identities, and how the processes of formal democracy interplay with existing or traditional structures and systems of exclusion or hierarchy. We specifically welcome abstracts and papers that are empirical and/or interdisciplinary in nature, that connect law to society, or that link the domestic to the international, written from a variety of theoretical perspectives.

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Editor: Francisco (Frank) Valdes
University of Miami School of Law

Robert S. Chang

Martha Albertson Fineman

Janet E. Halley

Angela P. Harris

Berta E. Hernández-Truyol

Margaret E. Montoya

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