Consequences of Leadership eJournal
Editors: Nitin Nohria and Rakesh Khurana
Harvard University and Harvard University

This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts examining leadership in the following topics: The Performance Consequences and other Intended Effects of leadership (such as increased commitment, a greater sense of purpose and meaning, a stronger commitment to values, etc.); Evil Leadership that is aimed at accomplishing ends that violate the moral or ethical or legal codes of a group, culture, society or governmental authority. Although it is traditional in scholarly research to avoid normative judgments about what is good, bad or undesirable, it handicaps our ability to analyze leadership if we refuse to deal with these issues. In dealing with them we must, however, be clear as scholars what values we are dealing with, that is with what group, culture, society or governmental authority are the moral, ethical or legal codes associated. And we must be specific as to the content of those codes; Unanticipated and Unintended Consequences of Leadership (such as dependency of followers, suppression of alternate perspectives, difficulties for successors, etc.) and CL Other (Consequences of Leadership) includes papers that examine the performance consequences of Leadership that do not fit in the prior topics.

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Editors: Nitin Nohria and Rakesh Khurana
Harvard University and Harvard University

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