University of Cantabria
Senior Researcher in Banking Processes

The post is open to academics/researchers who can contribute to the design and development, together with a prospective approach, of emerging research lines in the area of Banking and Corporate Finance, with special attention to Banking Processes. The research line/lines in which the project is presented will be left to candidates' criteria.

DESCRIPTION: Candidates will be offered the following:
- Salary around 100.000 Euros Gross annual. The sum will be in accordance with their aptitudes, title, experience and merits
- An initial 3-year contract
- Two post-doctorate posts (Assistant Professor) to build a team (3 years each)
- A post for a pre-doctorate student with the same objective (3 years)
- An additional sum of up to 100.000 Euros by way of an initial infrastructure, which the Foundation will provide depending on the means which are justified as necessary to set up activities

As a general objective, they should consider the analysis of key factors which favour re-design, innovation and implementation of successful banking processes for financial business in 2020. They will focus their interest in obtaining efficient and profitable processes, for the entities themselves as well as for share-holders and society in general, making it easier for the transformation of an economic setting departing from a situation of economic recession to another setting of stability and sustainable growth, socially responsible on the horizon in the year 2020.

QUALIFICATIONS: In order to be appointed and named at a Senior level, candidates should have at least 6 years experience in Banking and Finance, or other connected areas, after finishing their Doctorate (preference will be given to those candidates with 10 or more years of experience); they should have a distinguished history in scientific and academic work, shown by periodic publications in reference journals in the area of knowledge which is specific to the official announcement, having been invited to teach in Post-graduate and Doctorate education, conferences and lectures by entities and national and international institutions; have experience in organizing events and meetings of a scientific and academic nature; have experience in the design, coordination, management and/or participation in national and international research projects; have the capacity and experience to direct and coordinate research teams; have the capacity and experience to direct, be in charge of and supervise Doctorate, Post-graduat e and Graduate students and have the capacity to interact with other research groups in similar fields, which are either related or complementary.

After the first three years, the chosen candidate will be assessed for their scientific activity and achievements. If the candidate and the post-doctorate researchers associated to him/her obtain a positive evaluation, they will be offered a work contract as a researcher in SanFI, already created, or of the University of Cantabria.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:Candidates must provide the following documents:
- Application Form
- ID or Passport Number (in the case of foreign researchers)
- A copy of the document which accredits the Doctorate degree
- Curriculum Vitae of the applicant, either in Spanish or in English
- Name and contact details of three or more academic and/or professional references
- A Letter of Presentation. A description of approximately two pages relating to their experience and interest in their previous research, relevant to the post which is to be covered
- Memory of the research proposal to be developed
- Name and contact details of three or more academic and/or professional referees

Closing date to receive applications: June 29th, 2012.

For further information and applications:

Posted 5/28/12