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We are pleased to announce Big Data & Innovative Financial Technologies, a new Finance Research Centers Papers series within the Financial Economics Network (FEN), edited by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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Welcome to the Big Data & Innovative Financial Technologies Research Paper Series.

GOAL OF THE SERIES: To bring the latest financial technologies to the attention of regulators, researchers, financial practitioners and the public in general, with the goal of achieving more stable, efficient and secured financial markets.

SUBJECTS: The series is open to all innovative technologies with financial applications, and in particular:
- Data Analytics & Visualization
- Exascale Scientific Data Management
- Machine Learning
- High Performance Computing
- Large-Scale Complex Systems
- High-Frequency Trading
- Quantum Computing Applied to Finance

EDITORS: The series is edited by Dr. Marcos Lopez de Prado (research affiliate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and Dr. John Wu (senior scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory & SciDAC). Editorial decisions are our own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the institutions we are affiliated with.

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Michael C. Jensen
Financial Economics Network

Posted 7/22/15