14th Annual Bank Research Conference - Risk Management After the Crisis: What is Next for the Domestic and International Financial Institutions and Systems?
Call for Papers

September 18-19, 2014, Arlington, Virginia
Jointly organized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's Center for Financial Research and the Journal of Financial Services Research (JFSR).
The FDIC's Center for Financial Research and the JFSR invite submissions for the 14th Annual Fall Research Conference to be held in Arlington, Virginia on Thursday, September 18 and Friday, September 19, 2014.
The financial institutions face low loan demand, high regulatory scrutiny, low spreads, and rising rates going forward. Such an environment calls for focused risk management and risk governance. The Program Committee invites theoretical and empirical papers on issues related to the risk, performance, and regulation of the financial sector including, but not limited to:
- Has increased bank supervision reduced overall risk or just shifted the risks to shadow banking?
- How do corporate governance, compensations practices affect risk taking?
- Can we identify systemic risks; can we predict (or observe) when they are too large?
- What are the financial system risks associated with long-term zero interest rate policies?
- Various dimensions of derivatives and structured finance product markets including:
Sources of product liquidity
Adequacy of industry pricing and risk measurement models
- Has the Dodd-Frank Act created incentives for improved risk management in US institutions?
- Will Basel III work as regulators hope, or do they create new levels of complexity that will lead to new complex arbitrage opportunities and other unintended economic consequences?
- What are the costs and benefits of enhanced capital and liquidity regulations?
- Have regulatory reforms ended "too-big-to fail"?
- How does access to the various parts of the safety net profit individual institutions or the wider financial services sector?
- Does the framework for monitoring and regulating the industry create the proper incentives for controlling financial sector risks?
- What is the future of securitization (with or without GSEs)?
- (Credit-quality) rating mechanisms
- Syndicated loans
- How can underwriting standards be monitored and regulated?
PAPER SUBMISSIONS/FURTHER INFORMATION: The 14th Annual FDIC-JFSR conference will provide a forum to discuss these issues. Expenses for travel and lodging will be reimbursed for paper presenters. Papers must be received by July 1, 2014. Authors will be notified about the status of their papers by August 1, 2014. Please submit papers as "pdf" attachments to an email sent to CFR@fdic.gov Please name the file: "YourLastName.pdf."
For additional information, please contact the conference organizers: Jack Reidhill (202) 898-7371 (JReidhill@fdic.gov) or Haluk Unal (301) 405-2256 (hunal@rhsmith.umd.edu).

Posted 4/29/14