Call for Papers
Behavioural Finance Working Group Conference

Theme: Behavioral Finance: Austerity, Poverty and Policy

16-17 December 2013, Behavioural Finance Working Group (BFWG), Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Keynote Speaker: Eldar Shafir (Princeton University)

Organisers: Gulnur Muradoglu (Queen Mary, University of London, UK) and Peter Ayton (City University, London, UK)

Special Issue: Accepted papers will be considered for a special issue of The European Journal of Finance which will publish a selection of research presented at the conference.

Venue: Queen Mary University of London, School of Business and Management, Francis Bancroft Building, Mile End Road, London, UK, E1 4NS

OVERVIEW: In this two-day meeting, we will consider how the fields of behavioural finance, economic psychology and other related areas can account for financial decision making by individuals and institutions and the consequences for market prices, asset returns, corporations and social policy. Papers exploring any Behavioural Finance issue will be considered but we plan to give a focus on austerity measures, poverty and policy in the post crisis era.

In the post banking crisis era, with government austerity programs reducing welfare provisions, thinking on the behavioural causes and behavioural consequences of poverty has a new emphasis. Rationality of choice has been a central preoccupation of behavioural finance research, but has a special emphasis in some accounts of poverty which impugn the rationality of the poor by arguing that poverty is exacerbated or even caused by the choices made by the poor.

Recent studies challenge this view and suggest that standard behavioural models applied to the circumstances encountered by those living in poverty can account for observed apparently maladaptive behaviours. This debate has clear implications for understanding poverty and, crucially, for the design of policy to alleviate poverty.

As usual, we will consider papers in all areas of common concern to those working in behavioural finance and economic psychology. These include processes underlying the financial judgments and decisions involved in spending, saving, trading, forecasting, currency exchange, and other financial behaviours. Examples of such processes are risk perception and risk taking. They also include phenomena associated with those behaviours, such as overconfidence, framing, loss aversion, herding, optimism, biased information search, and the money illusion. We seek contributions relating to these issues at the level of markets of various types, households, corporations or other financially active groups, individual and institutional investors or traders.

We will have dedicated PhD sessions supported by ICAEW's Charitable Trusts and a Practitioner's Round Table hosted by Barclay's Wealth Management.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: We invite you to submit extended abstracts, papers-in-progress or full papers by the deadline of August 30th 2013.

The organizers will come back with a decision within three weeks after this deadline. To submit a paper or extended abstract for consideration please email a PDF version of the manuscript to:

Posted 5/12/13