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Universita Bocconi, Milan, PhD School - PhD in Economics and Finance

The PhD in Economics and Finance is designed for highly qualified and motivated international students who wish to acquire first rate research skills. A Bocconi PhD creates openings in the world of research, both academic and non-academic, in international organizations, central banks, government agencies and primary firms.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The program is divided into two curricula: Economics and Finance; curriculum has to be selected in the application phase. By its nature, the program is multidisciplinary and students choose from a wide range of electives. Dedicated mentorship and support are offered to students throughout their time at Bocconi.

Our first-year students acquire a broad set of theoretical and methodological skills required in both economics and finance (mathematics, statistics, econometrics, microeconomics), as well as in their curriculum (macroeconomics for Economics, asset pricing and corporate finance for Finance).

In the second year, students choose their field of specialization within their curriculum (e.g. asset pricing, accounting, banking, corporate finance, development economics, econometrics, economic history, microeconomic theory, industrial dynamics and organization, international economics, macroeconomics, political economics, and public economics).

The third and fourth years are entirely dedicated to research, including attendance at regular seminars held by internationally renowned internal and external faculty.

QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants should hold or be on their way to hold a Graduate Degree or equivalent. A B2 (CEFR) competence level of English or above is required to be admitted to the PhD program. See ("documentation" web area) for the list of accepted qualifying certifications.

At the first step, up to 10 PhD fellowships (which cover four years of study) are available for the PhD in Economics and Finance. Afterwards, other positions (with or without fellowship) can be allocated according to merit (see the full official call published on the website for all information).

For more detailed information about our program please visit the website:

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: To apply for our PhD program you have to use our Online Application System. Applications are due by: February 1st, 2013.

For your application you will need the following documentation:
1. Completed on-line application form
2. Full CV
3. Documents regarding Undergraduate and Graduate degrees with full list of exams with grades
4. For candidates who have not yet finished their Graduate program, a document of enrolment with full list of course exams, exams taken and grades achieved
5. A B2 (CEFR) competence level of English or above
6. Certificate of results for the GRE (Graduate Records of Examination) or GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) test
7. Two or one reference letters prepared by people who have direct knowledge of you either as a student or as a colleague
8. Maximum 5 other supporting documents you feel important to be evaluated (e.g. publications, additional language certificates, etc.)
9. Statement of purpose

Please consult our website for complete details about our application procedure:

FURTHER INFORMATION: For more information, please feel free to contact our Program Assistant at

Posted 10/23/12