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Critical Finance Review Best Critique in Financial Economics Prize

The CFR is proud to announce its annual prize for the best critique published in the Critical Finance Review. Critiques should be written in the spirit that the original papers or literature were good at the time, but that with new evidence, approaches, or techniques, the best inference today is different.

PAPER DETAILS: The criterion for the award are the importance of the original paper or literature being critiqued, the simplicity and believability of the critique, the potential to direct the academic finance literature into new directions, the quality of the critique paper, and the lack of inappropriate insinuations in the paper. To be eligible, the authors must submit not only their papers, but also their data and/or programs to allow both the original authors and third parties to replicate the results with low effort.

The award committee will consider giving preference to papers by less well-known authors, such as PhD students and new professors at foreign or lower-tier universities. All papers submitted for the prize should be submitted to the Critical Finance Review for consideration by mid-January.

Submission Deadline: January 15

FURTHER INFORMATION: About the CFR: The CFR is a general financial economics journal, which considers critiques an underserved niche, but also publishes non-critiques. For further detail, please consult and/or the editor's website at:

Posted 10/15/12