Call for Papers
Conference on Risk Management and Reform of Bank Regulation 2013

April 22 - 23, 2013, Beijing China

National School of Development at Peking University, Graduate School of Business at Fordham University, and the Journal of Banking and Finance invite manuscripts for a two-day conference on risk management and reform of bank regulation, April 22-23, 2013.

SCOPE: The recent global financial crisis demonstrates that good risk management is essential for financial institutions. In light of the unprecedented events in the past years, regulators are all seeking solutions for more effective practices of regulation.

With risk management and bank regulation gradually gaining increasing priority in business, Peking University, Fordham University, and the Journal of Banking and Finance will organize a conference to bring together academics around the world to discuss new perspectives for risk management strategies and reform of bank regulation. This conference will provide an ideal opportunity to investigate how risk management practices should be re-evaluated and revised in order to cope with the increasing complexities of global financial markets. In addition to academic presentations and discussions, the conference will also organize round-table discussions to facilitate interaction between academics, regulators, and industry practitioners.

- New perspectives on credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk, operational risk, regulatory risk, counterparty risk, and other risks
- Role of central banks in risk management
- Basel III
- Future regulatory changes on risk management
- How risk management affects strategies in banks, funds, and firms
- Pricing and valuation of risk
- Role of the rating agencies in risk management
- Lessons learned from the recent financial crisis
- Risks and the globalization of the financial markets

- Prof. Ho-Mou Wu, National School of Development, Peking University
- Prof. Ren-raw Chen, Graduate School of Business, Fordham University

SPECIAL ISSUE: Journal of Banking and Finance will publish a special issue from papers presented at this conference. The guest editor of the special issue is Prof. Ho-Mou Wu. The theme for the special issue is RISK MANAGEMENT AND BANK REGULATION. Authors of papers presented at this conference will be invited to submit their papers to JBF for consideration for publication in the special issue. Papers submitted for this special issue will go through the normal JBF submission and review process. Additional details will be provided in future communications.

EXPENSES: The conference will provide partial financial help to presenters traveling internationally to Beijing. Presenters from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are responsible for their own travel costs.

- Completed Papers: November 15, 2012
- Acceptance Notification: February 1, 2013

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Please send papers to:

Posted 10/15/12