Call for Papers
Special Issue on Computerized/High Frequency Trading - The Financial Review

Special Issue Guest Editor: Michael Goldstein, Babson College

Trading in financial markets is increasingly facilitated by, or completely executed by, computers. Algorithmic trading, high frequency trading (HFT), and dark pools all rely on the extensive use of computers. Recent events such as the Knight Capital trading errors have increased awareness of the dependence of market participants on computers and the inherent benefits and risks of doing so.

High frequency trading has also recently garnered attention in the popular press as well as with market participants and regulators. The proliferation of high frequency trading is shown to provide liquidity to markets, but there are debates as to whether the liquidity that high frequency traders provide helps or hurts markets. Additionally, the fragmentation of markets and proliferation of electronic trading has lead to the creation of dark pools. There are questions as to whether there should be increased transparency of dark pools.

TOPICS: The Financial Review is issuing a call for papers that examine topics related to computerized trading, particularly High Frequency Trading, Algorithmic Trading, and Dark Pools. We welcome submission on any topic broadly related to high frequency trading and Dark Pools. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:
- The increasing role (and/or impact) of computerized trading on financial markets
- The role (and/or impact) of HFT and liquidity
- HFT and changes in volatility
- Market Fragmentation and HFT
- HFT trading in option and foreign exchange markets
- HFT and price discovery
- HFT, co-location, and speed
- HFT around informational events
- Algorithmic trading - price discovery, venue choice, liquidity, volume, and/or volatility
- The effect of dark pools
- Dark pools and transparency

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: The submission deadline for the Special Issue is January 11, 2013. Authors are encouraged to submit their work as soon as it is ready for consideration. If you wish to have you paper considered for the special issue - mention this in the cover letter of the submission. The link to the online submission system is:

Posted 9/17/12