GTA CSMAR Series Database

CSMAR Database Series includes more than 60 topical databases covering the Chinese Financial Markets, Industrial Research, and national and regional economic statistics. It can be accessed through CSMAR Solution (a web based platform) and data can be easily retrieved.

CSMAR China Stock Market Trading Database (End-of-Day Data) - Enables You to Get Full Information of the Changes in the Chinese Stock Market. It collects all stock trading data since the establishment of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The database provides two comparable prices and a variety of return rates, which saves your precious time for data treatment and improves your research efficiency greatly.

CSMAR China Trade & Quote Research Series (Intraday Data) - China Securities market Trade & Quote Research Database, China Stock Index Futures Trade & Quote Research Database, China Stock Index Futures Trade & Quote Research Database: Covers stock, fund, bond, warrant and stock index. It offers the most detailed data by bid and ask record and by frequency on research into internal microstructure and operation rules of Chinese financial market.

- Abundant Categories
- Data by Bid and Ask Record
- Data by Frequency
- Abundant Derivative Indicators
- Five Best Bids and Asks
- Real-time basis data of futures contracts and underlying index (CSI 300)
- Real-time spread

Key Databases of CSMAR Series:

Listed Company Series
- Financial Statements Report-Annual/Interim/Quarterly
- Financial Report-Statement Notes/Audit Opinion
- Corporate Governance Data
- Merger and Acquisition Data
- Shareholders Data
Stock Market Series
- Trading Data/Intraday Data
- IPO Data
- Equity Division Reform Data
- Analysts Forecasts Data - New Issue and Rights Offering Data
- Margin trading and short selling Data

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Posted 7/29/12