Call for Papers
World Business Research Conference

4-6 October 2012, Novotel Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Deadlines: 7 September for Submission and 21 September for Registration


Research papers relating to all broad areas of Banking and Finance especially, Asset Pricing, Financial Economics, Corporate Finance, Derivatives Market and Products, Financial Institutions, Options and Futures, Stock Markets, Bond Markets, Merger and Acquisition, Financial Restructuring, Money Market Dealings, Financial Modelling, Islamic Finance, European Banks and Financial Crisis, Asian Capital Markets, Corporate Governance, Micro-finance, Credit Crunch, International Banking, Commercial lending, Central Bank Policy, Sovereign Loans, Lending Decisions and Lending Policy, Banking Law, Banking and Financial Services Marketing, Country Risk Islamic Banking and Finance, Net Banking, Banking Regulation and Contemporary Issue in Banking and Finance are invited for the above international conference. An author can present up to two papers. This conference is sponsored by seven international peer reviewed journals, World Academy of Business Educators, American Research and Publication International and WBI London.

SUBMISSION PROCESS, REVIEW PROCESS AND ACCEPTANCE NOTICE: Please email to by 7 September 2012 a copy of a completed paper and/or an abstract which will be reviewed anonymously. Author will be notified review outcome within 10 days after arrival of the paper. The cover page should include the affiliation, address, phone and email of each author, subject track and the appropriate JEL classifications.

WRITTEN FEEDBACK and PUBLICATIONS OPPORTUNITY IN JOURNALS: Author will receive "Written Feedback" on their papers in the form of "Paper Evaluation Report" to improve and revise their papers for publication. Quality papers will be considered for publication in the following international peer reviewed journals: Journal of Business and Policy Research. World Journal of Management, Global Economy and Finance Journal, International Review of Business Research Papers, Global Review of Accounting & Finance, World Journal of Social Sciences, Journal of Islamic Finance and Business Research, and World Review of Business Research, subject to compliance to review report, editorial comments, conference feedback and payment of applicable subscription fees.

BEST PAPER AWARD AND CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS AND OTHER BENEFITS: Best paper award will be announced from a block of 10 papers in each track and will be published in any of the above journals and a certificate will be issued at the conference dinner. All accepted abstract and full papers will be published in the refereed conference proceedings with ISBN and will be published electronically via a separate website, namely,

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Email your paper to: Nuha Jahan via

FURTHER INFORMATION: Please visit for detailed information

PROGRAM CHAIR: Professor Zia Haqq, World Academy of Business Educators, Australia

Posted 7/21/12