Call for Papers
The 2012 Financial Research Association Meeting

December 15 and 16, 2012, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

The program committee of the Financial Research Association seeks new finance papers of general interest to the profession. We specifically seek papers that have not been submitted to a journal and have not been presented or scheduled to be presented at the Western Finance Association meeting or the American Finance Association meeting. The selection process is very competitive. Last year's acceptance rate was less than 2 1/4%. All papers will be presented by a discussant, after which the authors will have an opportunity to respond.

MICHAEL J. BARCLAY AWARD: The association will present the Michael J. Barclay Award to the young scholar who submits the best solo-authored paper. Young scholars include current Ph.D. students and assistant professors who have held their Ph.D. for fewer than three years. In addition to recognizing the young scholar's achievement, the Barclay Award reimburses the winner's conference registration and, in the case of Ph.D. students, also reimburses airfare (up to $400) and hotel expense.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Paper submissions should be emailed in PDF to by August 31, 2012. The email must contain the following information: the names, affiliations, and email addresses of all co-authors, and a list of the conferences at which the paper has been or will be presented. Authors interested in being considered for the Barclay award should mention this in the email and either indicate that they are a Ph.D. student or provide information on the date of their Ph.D.

Submitting authors will be notified of paper selection in the beginning of October. Once the program is set, the program committee will invite a limited number of participants to register for the meetings.

The conference fee of $350 covers conference costs, including the Sunday dinner and a Saturday wine tasting.

Antonio Bernardo, UCLA
Jules van Binsbergen, Stanford University
Bruce Carlin, UCLA
Josh Coval, Harvard University
Diane Del Guercio, University of Oregon
Roger Edelen, UC Davis
Joseph Engelberg, UC San Diego
Wayne Ferson, USC
Eliezer Fich, Drexel
Adlai Fisher, UBC
Mike Fishman, Northwestern
Wayne Guay, Wharton
Jarrad Harford, University of Washington
Steven Heston, University of Maryland
Mark Huson, University of Alberta
Paul Irvine, University of Georgia
Naveen Khanna, Michigan State University
Todd Milbourn, Washington University
Tobias Moskowitz, University of Chicago
Micah Officer, Loyola Marymount University
Robert Parrino, University of Texas, Austin
Jeffrey Pontiff, Boston College
Edward Rice, University of Washington
Clemens Sialm, University of Texas, Austin
Jeffrey Zwiebel, Stanford University

Posted 6/29/12