Call for Papers
19th International Business Research Conference

19 - 21 November, 2012, Monash University, Caulfield Campus, Melbourne, Australia

Submission Deadline: 15 October, 2012
Registration Deadline: 5 November, 2012


Theoretical and empirical research papers relating to all broad areas of all areas of Banking and Finance especially, Asset Pricing, Financial Economics, Corporate Finance, Derivatives Market and Products, Financial Institutions, Options and Futures, Stock Markets, Bond Markets, Merger and Acquisition, Financial Restructuring, Money Market Dealings, Financial Modeling, Islamic Finance, European Banks and Financial Crisis, Asian Capital Markets, Corporate Governance, Micro-finance, Credit Crunch, International Banking, Commercial lending, Central Bank Policy, Sovereign Loans, Lending Decisions and Lending Policy, Banking Law, Banking and Financial Services Marketing, Country Risk Islamic Banking and Finance, Net Banking, Banking Regulation, Contemporary Issue in Economics, Banking and Finance are invited for the above international conference in Beijing, China. An author can submit up to 2 papers. People without papers can also participate in this conference. This conference is organised by World Business Institute, Australia and sponsored by eight international peer reviewed journals, 6 of these journals are indexed by Cabell's Directory of USA and listed by ERA, Australia.

SUBMISSION AND REVIEW GUIDELINES: Please email to by 15 October 2012 a copy of a completed Paper or an abstract which will undergo a double blind peer review process and outcome of the review will be announced within 2-4 weeks after receipt of the paper. Review process will determine the quality and suitability of the paper for conference. The cover page should include the affiliation, address, phone and email of each author and the appropriate JEL classifications. There is an option that the participant can serve as a discussant of a paper of his/her own area of interest and certificate will be issued to such participant. Please see the submission guidelines and Sample Paper on the website for more information on how to submit your paper.

BENEFITS AND PUBLICATION OPPORTUNITY: There are many benefits you can enjoy if you attend this conference:
- Publication opportunity in eight refereed journals: Journal of Business and Policy Research. Journal of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Global Review of Accounting and Finance, World Journal of Management, Global Economy and Finance Journal, International Review of Business Research Papers, World Review of Business Research and World Journal of Social Sciences subject to compliance to review report, editorial comments, conference feedback and payment of applicable publication fees. Publication takes no more than 6-9 months.
- Best Paper Award announced from a block of 10 papers in each track and will be published in any of the above journals and a certificate will be issued at the conference dinner as well as a WBI Fellowship entitling you to discounts on future conferences.
- Written Review report to assist you to improve the paper (unlike other conferences).
- Publication in refereed conference proceedings (online) with ISBN.
- Day-long feedings including buffet lunch and Conference Dinner (optional).
- Proxy presentation for those who cannot attend the conference.

DOCTORAL SYMPOSIUM: There will be a half Day 'Doctoral Symposium' on 21st November which is a great forum for Ph.D students to discuss and receive feedback about their Doctoral thesis. A panel of thesis examiners will also give a presentation with helpful tips and hints. Please visit the Doctoral Symposium Link on the website for more information.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Please visit for further information.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Send your paper to: Dr. Zia Haqq via email

PROGRAM CHAIR: Professor Bob Clift, Former Dean, Melbourne University, Australia

Posted 5/28/12