Eastern Finance Association April 2012 Meeting Results
Paper Awards and Election Results

The Eastern Finance Association (EFA) recently held its 48th Annual Meeting from April 11 - 14, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts. With 331 papers in 112 academic sessions and two special sessions, it was a very interesting and informative meeting. The conference hosted 440 participants from all over the world and included participation this year by the Boston Area Finance Symposium. Professor David J. Denis, the Roger S. Ahlbrandt, Sr. Chair and Professor of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh, was the recipient of the 2012 Distinguished Scholar Award. Professor Denis gave the keynote speech "The Persistent Puzzle of Corporate Capital Structure: Current Challenges and New Directions" at the membership luncheon on Friday, April 13.

OUTSTANDING RESEARCH AWARDS: The EFA awarded the following ten papers with outstanding research awards.

"Conflicts of Interest on Corporate Boards: the Effect of Creditor-Directors on Acquisitions" by Jens Hilscher, Brandeis University, and Elif Sisli Ciamarra, Brandeis University

"Corporate Governance and State Expropriation Risk" by Burcin Col, McGill University, and Vihang Errunza, McGill University

"Can Large Pension Funds Beat the Market? Asset Allocation, Market Timing, Security Selection, and the Limits of Liquidity" by Aleksandar Andonov, Maastricht University, Rob Bauer, Maastricht University, and Martijn Cremers, Yale School of Management

"Unknown Unknowns: Vol-of-Vol and the Cross Section of Stock Returns" by Sjoerd Van Bekkum, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Guido Baltussen, Erasmus University Rotterdam

"Bank Stability and Market Discipline: The Effect of Contingent Capital on Risk Taking and Default Probability" by Jens Hilscher, Brandeis University, and Alon Raviv, Brandeis University

"Incentives or Irrationality? International Evidence from the Impact of Individualism on Analyst Forecast Bias" by Hongping Tan, University of Waterloo

"Volatility Term Structure and the Cross-Section of Option Returns" by Aurelio Vasquez, ITAM School of Business

"Rental Tenure Type and MSA-level House Price Recovery from the Great Recession" by Avis Devine, PhD student at University of Cincinnati

"Credit Risk and the Macro Economy in an Affine Term Structure Model" by Christian Speck, PhD student at University of Mannheim

"Information Intensity and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns" by Xiaofei Zhao, PhD student at University of Toronto

ELECTION RESULTS: The EFA announced the most recent election results at the annual meeting. These include: President: W. Brian Barrett, University of Miami
Vice-President - Program Elect: Jack Wolf, Clemson University
Directors: Ken Daniels, Virginia Tech University, Karen Denning, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Michael Goldstein, Babson College

The remaining officers and board members can be found at http://etnpconferences.net/efa/officers.php

FURTHER INFORMATION: The 49th Annual Meeting of the EFA will be held in St. Pete Beach, Florida from April 10 - 13, 2013. The initial call for papers with submission information will be forthcoming soon.

Posted 4/30/12