Conference Announcement and Call For Papers
Fourth Joint BIS–World Bank Public Investors Conference

Washington DC, 3 - 4 December 2012

It is well recognised that public institutions differ markedly from their private sector peers in their investment activities. Investment rationales, preferences, eligible investments, governance structures and accountabilities as well as aspects relating to the availability of human and technical resources distinguish public investors. These idiosyncrasies have profound effects on how portfolio and risk management activities are organised and performed in public sector institutions. Against this background, the Bank for International Settlements and the World Bank are co-organising the Fourth Public Investors Conference on Portfolio and Risk Management for Central Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Public Pension Plans.

CONFERENCE OVERVIEW: The conference is targeted at quantitative experts from the community of central banks and sovereign wealth managers (including commodity savings funds and sovereign pension funds) as well as academics. It aims to facilitate an ongoing dialogue between the reserve and asset management specialists of the participating organisations, encouraging knowledge sharing and collaboration across organisations, and fostering the development and dissemination of the best practices in public sector portfolio and risk management.

The event will take place at the World Bank, Washington DC, on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 December 2012.

Having observed and discussed reactions to the financial crisis at the Third Public Investors Conference held in 2010 at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, we have a continued interest in how public investors have revised governance structures and asset allocations as well as processes and methods of portfolio and risk management in reaction to the continuously challenging global macroeconomic landscape.

PAPER SUBMISSIONS: All papers will be reviewed by the conference's organising committee. Authors will be informed of the outcome by mid-September 2012. In this process, the organisers aim to achieve a balanced representation of the topics listed above. The selection of the papers will be based on, among other things, quality and relevance to the conference.

Authors are encouraged to contact one of the two coordinators, Mr Coche or Mr Petre (see contact details below), to discuss the scope and focus of possible contributions.

Papers should be submitted (extended abstracts will also be considered) in electronic format by Friday 31 August 2012. Final versions of the selected papers are due by end-September 2012.

Enquiries about the conference may be directed to Joachim Coche,, or Gabriel Petre,

SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Your submission together with a short curriculum vitae should be e-mailed to:

Tamara Tabatadze
Sovereign Investment Partnerships
1225 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20433
Tel: +1 202 458 7150d

Posted 4/30/12