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Editor: Victor Ricciardi
Goucher College

This eJournal distributes working papers and accepted paper abstracts covering all aspects of the historical nature of finance and investments. This eJournal promotes communication among researchers and practitioners interested in various elements of the history of financial thought. The purpose of this eJournal is to record the historical background of the discipline, document recent problems, and identify unresolved research questions in finance and investments.

This eJournal welcomes research with a focus on financial and investment history; different schools of the discipline (standard finance, behavioral finance); the origins of financial and investment topics; historical events and time periods; essays on historians, founders, and prolific authors in finance; contributions and biographies of financial researchers and innovators; the history of college and university finance programs; finance in ancient and medieval times; the history of finance and investments across different decades and centuries; the evolution of financial systems; financial history across different cultures, countries, and civilizations; the history of different financial planning services, financial markets, and investment products; papers on the role and influence of diverse disciplines within the historical development of finance; papers that advance the historical knowledge of the interaction of finance with other disciplines such as economics, accounting, and psychology; in-depth coverage of past, present and future subject matter in finance and investments; the historical theory of finance and investments; surveys and reviews of the academic literature; seminal research papers in the discipline; ideas for future research endeavors (emerging issues) in different branches of finance unexplored in the academic literature; debates and criticisms of different topics; extensive conceptual papers on financial and investment subject matter (concepts, themes. and theories); the history of specific academic journals; and papers on historical citation patterns and research productivity (contributions) in finance.

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Editor: Victor Ricciardi
Goucher College

Robert D. Arnott

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