Ghent University, Belgium
Faculty Position in Applied Macroeconomics

At the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Ghent University two full-time positions, with a focus on scientific research and a starting rank of lecturer, will be available via the Tenure Track system with effect from 1 October 2013. Candidates from various fields can apply. One of the preferred fields is applied macroeconomics.

JOB DESCRIPTION: This is in the first instance a five-year temporary appointment in a Tenure Track system focusing primarily on research, with a very limited teaching load. If the university board positively evaluates the performance of the person involved, the position may lead to a permanent position as senior lecturer, at which point the teaching load may be revised.

By an appointment the faculty of Economics and Business Administration will specify the job description and objectives in consultation with the person involved. These objectives relate to academic research resulting in publications in highly ranked international peer reviewed journals, supervision of PhD students, acquisition of research funds, academic teaching.

JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates are expected to:
- Hold a PhD degree with doctoral thesis or a degree recognized as equivalent;
- Have at least two years of postdoctoral experience on October 1, 2013;
- Have carried out excellent research in applied macroeconomics, proven by, among other things, recent outstanding publications in national and international peer reviewed journals and/or books;
- Have experience in supervising research and/or coaching PhD students;
- Possess the necessary didactic, organisational and communication skills for teaching at master or PhD level. Positively evaluated teaching experience is an advantage;
- International research experience will be an advantage, in particular scientific work in research institutions abroad.

We encourage applications of candidates with high quality research output in one of the following areas: monetary or fiscal policy and the business cycle, fiscal policy and long-run growth, European Economic and Monetary Integration, international macro policy coordination, inflation, (un)employment. Successful candidates have demonstrated interest in applied theory and/or empirical research. Candidates reinforce the monetary and/or macroeconomic research groups of the Department of Financial Economics and/or SHERPPA. Contact: Prof. Dr. Freddy Heylen (, website:; Prof. Dr. Gert Peersman v(

No prior knowledge of Dutch is necessary at the time of appointment, but candidates will be expected to acquire a working knowledge (min. C1-certificate). The official language at Ghent University is Dutch.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Applications must be sent in duplicate by registered letter to:

The Rector of Ghent University
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25
B-9000 Gent, Belgium

using the specific BOF Tenure Track application forms, together with a description of the research plan proposed by the candidate during the Tenure Track position. This research plan should comprise at least three and no more than five pages in English, together with an English summary on one page. Proofs of competency (e.g., copies of the applicant's diplomas) should also be sent at this stage. The application deadline is December 14, 2012. Postage stamp on or before this date is regarded as evidence of timely submission.

The requisite application form for BOF Tenure-Track positions is available on the internet:

Posted 12/2/12