WestWater Research
Research Associate

WestWater Research is an economic consulting firm that specializes in water right valuations and appraisals, water market analysis, water resource economics, and investment services. Since its inception in 2001, WestWater has advised clients in every western state, including Alaska and Texas, on various water right projects. With offices in four states (ID, WA, AZ, FL), the WestWater team is composed of economists, MBAs, legal analysts, and geospatial information systems (GIS) analysts with over fifty years combined experience in the water rights industry. The team has broad experience in water marketing, regulatory policy, water valuation techniques, financial investments, commodity trading, resource economics and planning, and GIS technology. Principals at WestWater Research conducted some of the first in depth water trading analyses and water right appraisals in the United States. The WestWater Research team played a lead role in the design and implementation of water trading laws throughout the western United States and has advised private equity, corporations, governments, and individuals on water transactions and valuation at an international level. WestWater brings a unique perspective to water projects, and we continue to be proven market leaders.

WestWater Research is seeking qualified applicants for a Research Associate and Market Analyst position, which is responsible for researching and analyzing water right trading activity in key market areas and providing general support to valuation, transaction, and economic consulting projects.

MARKET ANALYSIS: A primary duty of the position is to provide analysis and coverage on trading activity in 2 to 3 market regions within the western United States. The Associate is responsible for identifying and researching water right trades, collecting and organizing supporting documentation, and contacting and interviewing market participants. The analyst is also responsible for updating and entering data into WestWater's proprietary water transaction database. Analysts will also responsible for developing, analyzing and writing quarterly reports for the markets they are covering. In addition, analysts will develop and maintain communication with industry professionals within the region.

VALUATION PROJECTS: The Research Associate will assist with water asset valuations and other client deliverables completed through a collaborative process involving both associates and senior staff. Through water markets research, the Associate will acquire a detailed understanding of region-specific water market conditions in a variety of basins. Market research will enable the Research Associate to identify potential water asset buyers, assess the size of the market, analyze trading volume and price trends, and understand regional supply, demand, and regulatory forces.

TRANSACTION PROJECTS: The Associate will also assist and support the evaluation and due diligence review of water rights that are being considered for acquisition by clients. This may include standard due diligence activities, market research, and financial and statistical modeling and analysis.

JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates for the position should have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in economics, finance or related field, with advanced degrees in the fields of Economics, Finance, Business Administration are preferred. We are especially interested in candidates with a strong background in water resources, water policy and water rights. Candidates should also have strong analytical, writing and communication skills, as well as a demonstrated ability to work in a team environment. We offer a competitive salary based on education level, experience and benefits.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: The position is located in the western United States near client locations. To be considered, please send a cover letter with statement of interest in the water rights acquisition industry, a resume, and a writing sample to hardy@waterexchange.com

Posted 10/21/12