Canada's Energy and Utility Regulators (CAMPUT)
Request For Proposal For Consulting Services - Regulatory Systems Review Project

Canada's Energy and Utility Regulators (CAMPUT) is a self-supporting, non-profit organization of federal, provincial and territorial boards and commissions which are responsible for the regulation of the electric, water, natural gas, and pipeline utilities in Canada. Several members also have responsibility for the regulation of competitive energy retailers, where retail consumer choice is permitted in electricity or natural gas sectors.

CAMPUT is inviting proposals from consultants to conduct a literature review and provide a report aimed at providing a better understanding of the emergence of alternative approaches to regulation across industries (with a primary focus on the energy sector, utilities and the competitive retailer sector) and across jurisdictions (with a primary focus on North America, Europe and Australia).

PROJECT GOAL AND OBJECTIVES: The main goal of this project is to conduct a literature review and deliver a final report to CAMPUT by November 14, 2012. The literature review should examine the extent to which alternate approaches to regulation have been put into practice, in what form, how the new approaches were implemented, and what techniques/tools are being used. The literature review should also explore the benefits and the limitations of adopting new alternative approaches to regulation.

The results of the literature review should provide insight into alternative regulatory approaches that could be considered by CAMPUT members in the regulation of rates and facilities associated with electricity and natural gas as well as the regulation of competitive energy retailers. To the extent that the consultant is able to recommend which of the approaches identified are best suited to the regulation of electricity, natural gas, and competitive energy retailers, this is considered a secondary goal of this study.

To accomplish the main goal of this study, the consultant must achieve the following objectives:
1. Explore the definition, evolution and implementation of alternate approaches to regulation.
2. Describe the merits and limitations of each approach.
3. Identify and assess any formalized processes that are used to select the best suited regulatory approach.

FURTHER INFORMATION: The scope of the project and other pertinent information is described more fully in the Request for Proposals (RFP) document which is available on the CAMPUT website through a link at:

The consultant will be required to enter into an agreement with CAMPUT for the provision of the deliverables described in the RFP and proposals must be received by CAMPUT electronically by July 30, 2012.

Posted 7/23/12