Workshop on Experimental Economics and Entrepreneurship
Call for Participants

October 2, 3 and 4, 2015, Tampa, Florida

We are happy to announce the first Workshop on Experimental Economics and Entrepreneurship, sponsored by Florida State University thanks to a generous grant from the Kauffman Foundation, and organized by David J. Cooper (Florida State University and the University of East Anglia) and Nicola Lacetera (University of Toronto, Institute for Management and Innovation and National Bureau of economic Research). The Workshop will take place in Tampa, Florida, on October 2, 3 and 4, 2015.

OVERVIEW: The workshop is meant to promote partnerships between economic experimenters and scholars studying entrepreneurship, and to expose graduate students and recent PhD graduates in Economics and Management to the benefits and challenges of research at the intersection of experimental economics and entrepreneurship.

Although there is no shortage of behavioral work in entrepreneurship, there has been relatively little work in experimental economics that addresses topics in entrepreneurship. In recent years a number of researchers have shown increasing interest towards incorporating lab and field experiments into the study of entrepreneurship. Some interesting cross-fertilization has already occurred and much more is possible at this stage. Both lab and field experiments provide great benefits for examining the topic, including tight control over the environment and, particularly in lab experiments, the ability to examine the process underlying individuals' decisions. Our goal is to generate more experiments, both in the lab and the field, studying entrepreneurship.

PRESENTATIONS: The first two days of the workshop will be dedicated to presentations by leading scholars in entrepreneurship and experimental economics. Longer-than-usual breaks between talks will allow these established scholars as well as students and junior faculty to interact and hopefully discuss ideas for future projects. Here is the list of speakers: Marco Castillo (George Mason University) Gary Charness (UC - Santa Barbara) Aaron Chatterji (Duke University) Brent Goldfarb (University of Maryland) Josh Lerner (Harvard Business School) Stephan Meier (Columbia University) Regan Petrie (George Mason University) Antoinette Schoar (MIT) Charlie Sprenger (UC - San Diego) Chloe Tergiman (University of British Columbia) Peter Thompson (Georgia Tech) Marie-Claire Villeval (CNRS - University of Lyon) Rosemarie Ziedonis (University of Oregon)

In addition to attending the first two days of the workshop, students and junior faculty participants will stay for a third day (Sunday, October 4th) where they will choose between parallel breakout groups. In the morning, the focus will be on "tools", with a senior faculty member (or members) leading a discussion on one or two of the presented papers with a stress on the relevant methodological issues. This would extend to a general discussion of the relevant methods issues. In the afternoon, the focus will be on "topics". Group leaders would pick a couple of the papers and then lead a discussion on how they fit into the broader literature. To finish off the day, we will have everyone meet together to do short presentations of research ideas with discussion. David Cooper and Nico Lacetera will lead the activities.

QUALIFICATIONS: We invite graduate students and scholars who received their PhD in Economics or Management no earlier than 2013 to participate in the workshop.

APPLICATION PROCESS AND COSTS: If you are interested in participating, please apply by submitting the following material to by June 15th, 2015: - A cover letter including contact information, as well as the name of the recommendation letter writer. - A CV of the applicant. - A max 500-words essay that describes why the applicant is interested in attending the workshop. In particular, the applicant should outline her/his current and future research ideas. - One recommendation letter from the applicant's current or former PhD advisor. The letters are confidential and should be sent to the same address reported above, but separately from the rest of the application material.

A total of 12 applicants will be invited, and the decision will be communicate not later than July 15th, 2015. Each accepted and confirmed applicant will have two hotel nights covered and receive $250 to be used to cover all or part of their travel expenses.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Best regards,

David J. Cooper
Nicola Lacetera

Posted 5/21/15