Call for Papers
CoreLogic Academic Research Council (CLARC)

The CoreLogic Academic Research Council (CLARC) encourages and supports research on real estate markets, mortgage finance, and housing policy. The council supports grants in the form of CoreLogic data to eligible non-profit entities and will operate based on the principles of providing data to the academic and non-profit community for research to promote transparency, promote development of innovative solutions, promote broad distribution of research that is based on the principles of sound scholarship, and reward meaningful contributions to the literature.

TOPIC: CLARC is inviting grant proposals for 2013 based on a sample of loan level mortgages including prime, sub-prime, and alt-a loans with loan origination characteristics and updated performance characteristics. Additionally, sample of properties with all open liens and updated market values is available and can be matched to the loan level mortgage sample.

PAPER SUBMISSIONS/FURTHER INFORMATION: For more information, visit the website for CLARC at:

Posted 10/22/12