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University of Luxembourg, Doctoral School in Economics and Finance - PhD programme in Economics and Finance

The Doctoral School in Economics and Finance (DSEF) at the University of Luxembourg offers a full-fledged PhD programme in Economics and Finance.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Its interdisciplinarity, its research for excellence, its link with a major financial center makes it a unique programme. The programme includes a preparatory training year to academic research level, which can be performed at the University of Luxembourg or in any other reputed institution. The University of Luxembourg offers such a training programme: the Master in Economics and Finance Research-Track ( ) The DSEF PhD programme includes 3 years (+1 year exceptionally) during which the PhD candidate writes a thesis under the supervision of a PhD supervisor in the department of Economics ( and/or Finance ( Furthermore, the PhD candidates are offered additional courses to enhance her/his specialized and general skills (20-30 ECTS).

The DSEF's first objective is to train PhD candidates to the most recent developments in their research domain and make them upgrade their knowledge and skills to the quantitative methods used in Economics and Finance. Over their first years, PhD candidates take courses and seminars in advanced training in their specific areas. Many doctoral training modules are offered by the DSEF. Others can be offered by partner Universities and institutions. The DSEF's second objective is to develop doctoral students' cross-disciplinary and academic competences. Doctoral students' career indeed requires cross-disciplinary knowledge, communication, writing, presentation skills. Therefore, each doctoral candidate is expected to follow trainings in scientific writing, presentation, and communication skills in addition. Those courses will be offered at the Faculty or University levels. Specific training and support should also be offered at this level to help students in their job market process.

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Posted 10/15/12