Call for Computer Code in Economics and Management

We would like to invite researchers to post computer code and data associated with their academic papers (published or unpublished) on the website:

RunMyCode is a website allowing people to run computer codes associated with a scientific publication using their own data and parameter values. The service only requires a web browser as all calculations are done on a dedicated cloud computer. Once the results are ready, they are automatically displayed to the user.

RunMyCode is a non-for-profit scientific website founded by academics and funded by several national research agencies and universities. The goal of the website is to make academic research easier to use and to replicate.

RunMyCode relies on the concept of a paper's companion website. See:

SOFTWARE: Matlab, Rats, and R. For other software, it is possible to create a code-only companion website allowing users to download the code and run it on their own computers.

SUBMISSION FEE: The service is completely free of charge.

SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: All codes must be submitted electronically through the website.

FURTHER INFORMATION: For additional information, see the FAQs website at: or contact: Victoria Stodden, Department of Statistics, Columbia University,

Christophe Hurlin, Economics Department, University of Orleans,

Christophe Perignon, Finance Department, HEC Paris,

Posted 6/29/12