Call for Papers
NBER Workshop on Scholarly Communication, Open Science and Its Impact

Thursday 25th October 2012, Cambridge MA

This workshop is part of a Sloan Foundation program co-directed by Joshua Gans and Fiona Murray. This year's workshop will focus on scholarly communication, its incentives and the effectiveness of existing and proposed institutions.

TOPICS: Submissions of original research are encouraged on the following topics:
- The impact of open scientific publication on research outcomes and dissemination.
- The motivations and constraints on the sharing of scholarly knowledge.
- Measures of scientific impact and interactions with research incentives, openness and career paths.
- Platforms for fostering scientific collaboration.
- Contractual mechanisms in the management and funding of scientific research.
- Equilibrium models of scientific disclosure and research diversity.
- Interactions between intellectual property protection, commercial concerns and scientific openness.

We encourage submissions from social science researchers in economics, management, sociology, psychology, information systems, history and law. All selected presenters and discussants will receive funding for travel to Cambridge and accommodation for up to 2 nights. International participants will receive a grant to assist in flight costs.

Please pass this call for papers on to colleagues who might be interested, but who may not be on the Bureau's mailing list.

The organizers plan to produce a small (6 papers) program designed to provide substantial opportunity for discussion and debate among informed participants, drawn from academia, regulatory agencies, and the scientific community. The papers will be made available on the NBER web site after the meeting.

WORKSHOP DATE: Thursday 25th October 2012 (the day before the NBER Pre-Conference on The Changing Frontier)

Workshop Location: Cambridge MA

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Due Date for Submissions: 15th June 2012. Please upload your submission here:

Authors informed of inclusion: 30th June 2012

Posted 5/14/12