AEA: Ten Years & Beyond: Economists Answer NSF's Call for Long-Term Research Agendas eJournal

We would like to acknowledge and thank the National Science Foundation's Directorate for the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (NSF/SBE) for challenging economists and other relevant research communities "to step outside of present demands and to think boldly about future promises." Specifically, NSF/SBE invited groups and individuals in August 2010 to write white papers that describe grand challenge questions in their sciences that transcend near-term funding cycles and are "likely to drive next generation research in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences." NSF/SBE planned to use these white papers "to frame innovative research for the year 2020 and beyond that enhances fundamental knowledge and benefits society in many ways. This request is part of a process that will help NSF/SBE make plans to support future research." At the conclusion of the submission period on October 15, 2010, NSF/SBE had received 252 papers. A compendium of abstracts to the 252 white papers and most of the full texts of the white papers can be downloaded from the website We are disseminating the white papers of interest to economists independent of the NSF because these papers offer a number of exciting and at times provocative ideas about future research agendas in economics that are worth further consideration by economists. These papers could also generate other compelling ideas for infrastructure projects, new methodologies and important research topics. Also some of these papers are not available at the NSF website because they were not submitted successfully by the deadline. We have placed 54 of the white papers on our website and have assembled these white papers in this electronic publication.

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