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Editors: Mary Shirley and Michael Sykuta
The Ronald Coase Institute and University of Missouri

This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts intended to facilitate dialogue and interest in NIE research both within the NIE community and among the broader community of scholars. The NIE studies contract and organization and how institutions interact with organizational arrangements. The NIE holds that institutions both matter and are susceptible to economic analysis. Transaction costs - sources, ramifications, and economizing - are a recurrent theme. The NIE advances a predictive theory of economic organization that invites empirical testing and yields numerous public policy ramifications, many of which differ from orthodoxy. Articles should provide objective arguments for the causes or consequences of institutions and institutional change. Doctrinal arguments, particularly in legal scholarship, are not appropriate.

Topics of interest in the NIE Abstracting eJournal include the organization and boundaries of the firm, structure and performance of contractual arrangements, the determinants and effects of property rights and transactions costs on resource allocation and governance institutions, the causes and effects of government regulatory and competition policies, the structure and effects of legal, social and political institutions on economic performance, the role and response of organizations to innovation and technological change, the role of beliefs and history in determining contemporary institutions, the determinants and outcomes of institutional change, and the role of institutions in economic development and transition. The NIE Abstracting eJournal is an appropriate outlet for authors from a wide range of social science disciplines, including political science, sociology, law, anthropology, cognitive science, evolutionary biology, and any other discipline that that sheds light on the rules, norms and beliefs that govern human interactions in the process of production and exchange.

The New Institutional Economics (NIE) Abstracting eJournal is sponsored by the International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE) which was founded to stimulate and disseminate interdisciplinary research on economic, political and social institutions and their effects on economic activity. ISNIE encourages rigorous theoretical and empirical investigation of these topics using approaches drawn from economics, organization theory, law, political science, and other social sciences.

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Editors: Mary Shirley and Michael Sykuta
The Ronald Coase Institute and University of Missouri

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