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This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts focused on theoretical and applied econometrics and those aspects of statistics that are of interest to econometricians and economists. The topics in this eJournal include the subjects in Section C1 of the JEL Classification System. Estimation - of coefficients of economically meaningful relationships. Hypothesis Testing - the application of available statistical tests or devising new statistical testing tools for econometric models given the underlying structural model. Bayesian Analysis - statistical procedure to estimate parameters or an underlying distribution based on the observed distribution. Semiparametric and Nonparametric Methods - Semiparametric methods estimate a statistical object by parametric and nonparametric components. Nonparametric methods involve the estimation of a statistical object without imposing any parametric restrictions. Simulation Methods - methods for using computer software to model the operation of "real world" processes, systems, or events. Specific Distributions - deals with specific types of distributions, a distribution being defined as a set of values or measurements of a set of elements, each measurement being associated with an element. Other - any other topic related to econometric and statistical methods not falling under any of the other categories listed above.

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