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This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts focused on a variety of special topics in econometrics. The topics in this eJournal include the subjects in Section C4 of the JEL Classification System. Duration Analysis - models that seek to explain the duration of a certain event. Survey Methods - methods of information gathering from a sample of individuals. Index Numbers and Aggregation - index numbers are statistics that assign a single number to several individual statistics in order to quantify trends. Aggregation means combining statistics from different entities to higher entities. Statistical Decision Theory; Operations Research - an area of study that models human decision-making in all human social activities and it is concerned with how real or ideal decision-makers make or should make decisions, and how optimal decisions can be reached. Neural Networks and Related Topics - originally inspired from Neuroscience, Neural Networks are models characterized by their ability to "learn" dependencies based on a finite number of observations. Other - any other topic related to Econometric and Statistical Methods: Special Topics models not falling under any of the other categories listed above.

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