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Editor: William Easterly
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This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts dealing with all aspects of Economic Growth. This includes theories of neoclassical growth, endogenous growth, endogenous technical change, physical and human capital accumulation, productive externalities, economic geography, and increasing returns. Empirical topics include cross-section and panel growth regressions, studies of income convergence across nations and regions, sources of growth accounting, and individual country case studies of growth. Subjects covered by both theory and empirics include the relation of growth and income differences to: national economic policies, initial conditions, trade openness, financial development, fiscal policy, price distortions, inequality, infrastructure, health, research and development, education, ethno- and geographic factors, rule of law, democracy, corruption, foreign aid, social capital, and political instability. The subject also includes the political economy of growth, policy-making, institutions, and income distribution. The topics in this eJournal includes all of the subjects in Sections O3, O4, and O5 in the JEL Classification System.

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Editor: William Easterly
World Bank

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