Carnegie Learning
Cognitive Scientist

Carnegie Learning is a leading publisher of core, full-year mathematics programs as well as supplemental intervention applications for middle school, high school, and post-secondary students. Our award winning Cognitive Tutor math programs provide intelligent software tutoring for each student. Combined with text and teacher led classroom instruction, our Cognitive Tutor Algebra I curriculum has been scientifically proven to have significant, positive effects on student learning.

JOB DESCRIPTION: You will solve unique engineering challenges as a member of a team that develops math educational software and curricula, based on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science research, and used by 500,000 middle and high school students across the country.

The Cognitive Scientist is a part of the development team that designs and builds award-winning educational software that is currently used by 500,000 students nationwide.

The Cognitive Scientist works with the curriculum development team to implement and refine software tools and tutoring models that provide students with an engaging educational experience. This includes translating curricular needs into product requirements, researching existing approaches, designing educational interactions, and developing active cognitive and tutoring models using a combination of off-the-shelf and in-house development tools.

Typical Deliverables Include:
- A cognitive model, implemented in an in-house development tool, describing the various components of a particular type of math problem, the various states of the student's thinking about said problem, and the various cognitive skills exercised by the student in the course of solving the problem;
- A tutoring model, linked to the above cognitive model, containing the text of all assistance and remediation that will be given to the student while solving the problem;
- A specification of the communication between the cognitive model and the user interface for a particular type of problem;
Documentation of procedures/processes/best practices used in the development of the above.

- Candidates must have an advanced degree (Ph.D. preferred) in some combination of Cognitive Science, Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence, Educational Psychology, or Educational Technology
- Candidates should have a strong background in user-centered software design, preferably in educational software
- Candidates with experience in cognitive modeling, Java/Lisp/Python programming, and/or statistics are preferred
- Teaching and/or tutoring experience (particularly in mathematics) would be a plus
- Must be eligible to work in the United States


Posted 2/9/12