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The Corporate Governance Network (CGN) is directed by Lucian Bebchuk, William J. Friedman and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor of Law, Economics, and Finance, and Director of the Corporate Governance Program, at Harvard Law School, with input and help from other members of the Corporate Governance Program. CGN is creating an online community interested in the expanding area of corporate governance research.

Work in the corporate governance area can be divided accordingly to either methodological lines or subjects of inquiry. CGN includes 8 ejournals defined by methodology and 13 ejournals defined by subject matter studied. To make CGN most useful for both authors and subscribers, authors submitting their work to CGN should submit it to no more than two CGN journals, one defined by methodology and one defined by subject matter.

The ejournals defined by methodology are:

Corporate Governance & Accounting
Corporate Governance & Economics
Corporate Governance & Finance
Corporate Governance & Law
Corporate Governance & Management
Corporate Governance & Sociology or Psychology
Corporate Governance Educator
Corporate Governance Practice Series
The ejournals defined by subject of inquiry are:
Corporate Governance: Acquisitions, Mergers, Contests for Control, & Activism
Corporate Governance: Actors & Players
Corporate Governance: Arrangements & Laws
Corporate Governance: Bankruptcy, Financial Distress, & Reorganization
Corporate Governance: Capital Raising, Investments, Distributions, & Market Trading
Corporate Governance: Comparative
Corporate Governance: Compensation of Executives & Directors
Corporate Governance: Economic Consequences, History, Development, & Methodology
Corporate Governance: Disclosure, Internal Control, & Risk-Management
Corporate Governance: Internal Governance, Organization, & Processes
Corporate Governance: Governance of Special Types of Firms
Corporate Governance: International/Non-US
Corporate Governance: Social Responsibility & Social Impact


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