Call for Papers
Research in Finance (Volume 29)

Published internationally by Emerald Publishing Group, UK

Publication May 2013

AIM: To provide a hardcover outlet for work that is longer than a typical journal article, yet shorter than a monograph. While most of the contributions have been from seasoned researchers, the editor and publisher are also significantly interested in the early works of new doctoral graduates. The works published in prior volumes have been generously cited, and this outlet provides a very worthwhile opportunity.

TOPICS: Possible topics include
- Competition and strategy
- R&D
- entrepreneurship and innovation
- new product development
- capabilities
- infrastructure and network investments
- valuation of natural resources
- commodities and power investments
- growth option
- corporate valuation and IPOs
- investments involving learning
- agency issues and incentives
- environmental protection and public policy
- case studies

We expect to have sessions on telecoms, pharmaceuticals, oil/energy, innovation, and various public policy issues. We are especially interested in applied or empirical papers, and case studies in these and various other industries.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Please send submissions to the series editor, Professor John Kensinger (University of North Texas) at, or to the Publisher at

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2012

REVIEW AND PUBLICATION: Submissions will be reviewed by the series editor and a committee of peer reveiwers. Decisions will be announced by December 15, 2012.

PERMISSIONS: Contributing authors shall at their own expense (unless otherwise agreed by Emerald) obtain from the copyright owners or owner written permission to include and reproduce within the Volume any part of the typescript or illustrative material the copyright of which is not their own.

PROOF CORRECTION: Emerald will issue proofs to contributors for correction. Proofs should be returned promptly within 7 days of receipt.

Posted 10/14/12