3rd Annual Accounting Rookie Recruiting & Research Camp

December 7-9, 2012, Miami, Florida

The American Accounting Association and the University of Miami are pleased to announce they are partnering to bring you the 3rd annual Accounting Rookie Recruiting and Research Camp. This year's camp will be held December 7-9, 2012 in Miami, Florida.

WHAT IS THE ACCOUNTING ROOKIE CAMP? The 2012 Accounting Rookie Camp is a 2-day forum for faculty and recruiters to meet and network with PhD candidates, attend 15-minute research presentations by job-market candidates, and interview a large number of job-market candidates before making decisions about recruiting "fly-outs". This year's camp will bring together accounting PhD candidates, faculty from universities interested in interviewing PhD candidates for faculty positions, and recruiters from private sector firms.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? PhD candidates from all research backgrounds (audit, financial, tax, analytical, experimental, empirical, etc) with expected graduation in Spring 2013 are encouraged to apply to attend the Camp. Registered recruiters will receive a convenient "resume/bio book" of all PhD candidates organized by dissertation topic. Recruiters may schedule interviews with candidates both before the camp and during the camp (i.e., a recruiter may see an interesting presentation and want to schedule an on-site interview).

HOW DO I REGISTER? There is no registration fee for graduating PhD candidates. Reduced early registration fees for recruiting faculty and special hotel rates will be available soon. The number of slots for PhD candidates and recruiters is limited. A limited number of slots will be reserved for junior PhD students (not graduating in 2013) to attend the camp as observers.


The PhD candidate presentation schedule will be posted in November 2012.

Friday, December 7

Evening: Welcome Reception

Saturday, December 8

Morning: 15-minute PhD student presentations (No Q&A) Afternoon: Private interview sessions

Evening: Camp mixer and dinner

Sunday, December 9

Morning: 15-minute PhD student presentations (No Q&A) Afternoon: Private interview sessions

FURTHER INFORMATION: For more information about the 2012 Accounting Rookie Camp, please visit http://www.rookiecamp.org

Questions about 2012 Rookie Camp? Contact Kurt Gardner at kurt@aaahq.org

Posted 8/30/12