Melbourne, Australia

            Conference: 28 April 2011 to 29 April 2011
                   PhD Symposium: 27 April 2011

     The La Trobe University Graduate School of Management in
     conjunction with the School of Accounting and the School of
     Economics & Finance of La Trobe University, the School of
     Business and Law of Auckland University of Technology, the
     School of Economics and Finance of Queensland University of
     Technology, the School of Accounting and Commercial Law of
     Victoria University of Wellington, and the Australian
     Centre for Financial Studies invite academics and research
     students to submit papers for consideration of presentation
     at the 2nd Finance and Corporate Governance Conference. The
     conference will be held at the exclusive RACV club, which
     is conveniently located close to some of Melbourne's famous
     shopping lanes.


     The broad themes embedded in this international conference
     include: Accounting Information, Accounting Disclosure
     Practices/Financial Reporting, Asset Pricing, Banking,
     Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Social
     Responsibility, Earnings Quality, Emerging Markets,
     Financial Markets, Funds Management, Market Microstructure,
     Risk Management, and Sustainable/Socially responsible

     PhD Symposium will be held on 27 April 2011.

     Two Practitioners Sessions will be held on 29 April 2011.


     There will be best paper ($1,000 each) and runner-up awards
     ($500 each) for each area listed below:

     (a) Well developed papers from PhD students
         Sponsor: School of Accounting and Commercial Law,
         Victoria University of Wellington

     (b) Accounting Stream
         Sponsor: School of Accounting, La Trobe University

     (c) Asset Pricing/Capital Markets/Financial Markets/Market
         Sponsor: CENGAGE Learning

     (d) Banking/Financial Institutions/Financial Crisis
         Sponsor: School of Economics and Finance, La Trobe

     (e) Financial Economics/Corporate Finance
         Sponsor: TBA

     (f) Corporate Governance/Social Responsibility
         Sponsor: TBA

     (g) Funds Management/Sustainable Investments
         Sponsor: School of Business and Law, Auckland
         University of Technology

     (h) Derivatives/Risk Management/Quantitative Finance
         Sponsor: School of Economics and Finance, Queensland
         University of Technology

     Selection of Award - Blind review 2 stages:

     Stage 1:
     Papers will be short listed at the initial stage by 15
     January 2011 and notified to contact author(s).

     Stage 2:
     Authors of short listed papers should submit their final
     (blind) version of the paper on or before 15 February 2011
     with their registration fees. Each short listed paper will
     be assessed by the panel of three experts of the program


     Plenary sessions
     Professor Philip Brown (University of New South Wales and
     University of Western Australia)
     Professor Ronald Masulis (University of New South Wales)
     Professor Tom Smith (Australian National University)

     Parallel Sessions
     Professor Glenn Boyle (University of Canterbury)
     Professor Robert Faff (University of Queensland)
     Professor Michael McKenzie (University of Sydney)


     All submissions MUST be submitted via this link only:

     You will need two copies of your paper in pdf format; one
     with authors information on it and the other without. You
     must indicate at the time of submission if you would like
     your paper to be considered for one of the awards. You can
     choose only one category of Award.

     The conference will consider only completed papers. If your
     paper is accepted, you are expected to act as chair/or
     discussant in your field of research. SSRN will create
     conference proceedings for this conference. Optional
     inclusion in conference proceedings - preference must be
     specified during the online paper submission process. Only
     one presentation may be made per person. If you have
     submitted more than one paper please ensure that should
     this paper be accepted by the selection committee for
     presentation, a co-author is available and willing to
     present the paper at the conference.


     The deadline for submitting papers, consideration for
     awards is 30 November 2010. Contributors must follow the
     submission procedure outlined on the website.

     Acceptance of papers will be notified around 15 January

     Authors who wish to be considered for prizes must specify
     so upon initial submission in accordance with instructions
     on the conference website.


     Associate Professor Balasingham Balachandran (La Trobe
     Professor Geoffrey Durden (La Trobe University)
     Professor Robert Faff (University of Queensland)
     Professor Paul Mather (La Trobe University)
     Professor Jae Kim (La Trobe University)
     Professor Deborah Ralston (Monash University and Australian
     Centre for Financial Studies)
     Professor Michael Theobald (University of Birmingham)
     Professor Alireza Tourani-Rad (Auckland University of
     Associate Professor Peter Verhoeven (Queensland University
     of Technology)
     Professor Tony van Zijl (Victoria University of Wellington)

Posted 8/18/10