Managerial Accounting (Editor's Choice) eJournal
Editor: Ross L. Watts
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Managerial Accounting Editor's Choice abstracting eJournal distributes working papers and accepted paper abstracts that the Editor chooses to emphasize based on their own discretion or criteria. This eJournal allows the Editor to highlight papers that he or she believes are important for the profession. These papers may be distributed in this Editor's Choice eJournal either before or after they appear in the regular all-inclusive eJournal. The Editor may choose to write an introduction to an issue that identifies a special collection of papers the Editor finds of interest, and he or she from time to time, may provide commentary on individual papers noting their special interest.

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Editor: Ross L. Watts
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Jacob Birnberg

Srikant Datar

Nicholas Dopuch

John Evans

Susan Haka

Anthony G. Hopwood

Robert S. Kaplan

Stephen Loeb

Robert P. Magee

Michael W. Maher

Krishna Palepu

Jerold L. Zimmerman