Accounting Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal
Editor: Ross L. Watts
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Statement of Editorial Policy

  1. As researchers and practitioners continue to expand our knowledge of accounting, Accounting Educator eJournal seeks to help educators find effective ways to communicate ideas and evidence to students in undergraduate, masters (MBA and accounting), Ph.D. and Executive Education programs. Our goal is to serve as a nexus where the newest ideas in teaching materials, approaches and methods can be shared throughout the profession. Specifically, we hope to publish abstracts of teaching materials (cases, course designs, reading lists, on-line resources, simulations, multi-media tools, and texts), surveys of teaching approaches, and round-table discussions. We have two main goals: first, that through the exchange of teaching materials, the overall level of accounting education will improve; and second, that through the dissemination of excellent teaching materials, contributions made by outstanding educators will be recognized. As our mandate is large, we actively solicit advice, suggestions and support from the community, broadly defined.

  2. We will announce the work of developers of teaching materials irrespective of their affiliation with any particular company, publisher or university. Editorial screening will be concerned with the completeness of the work, its availability to the public, and technical or capacity limitations.

  3. Criteria for distributing a case study abstract and course abstract include:
  • case and teaching note or detailed course description and reading list provided in hard copy or electronic form to one of the editors.
  • acknowledgment that the work of the author is original.
  • professional quality attribution of sources, excerpts, and quotations. Casewriters are expected to follow the same citation practices used in academic/journal articles.
  • the material is available without restriction to the public (except for reasonable charge).
  • we will also post electronic versions of the material when the author and publisher are willing to deliver copies electronically.

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